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Lisa M Brazelton

Becoming Self Mastered

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Lisa M. Brazelton is an author, entrepreneur, healing practitioner and business executive. She is a leading contributor to the field of human potential and a facilitator of personal and organizational change. Lisa has a passion for promoting excellence in others through coaching, training and motivating, with a proven track record for building organizations with precision and grace, and teams that are rock-solid and inspired.


She has spent two decades researching and analyzing human behavior, understanding what lies behind human achievement, triumph and determination, and the unconscious programming of fear, procrastination and disappointment.

She has studied with some of the worlds leading doctors/researchers in human evolution, biogenetic and science. Lisa offers her life experience as one big "litmus test", and uses her successes and failures as teaching moments to share with others, both personally and professionally.

Her passion is in living the most inspired and creative life by continually uncovering the hidden treasures buried within our soul. With over 28 years experience in personal development, thought leadership and global change, Lisa provides a keen perspective and practical guidance to unlocking our inner truth and manifesting our greatest gifts.

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