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Situational  Mastery

The Next Generation of

Mastermind Programs

Situational Mastery is an approach leveraging specific skills that leaders need to transform diverse individuals into cohesive groups.

Business Colleagues


  • Release cognitive overload and stress

  • Navigate life's challenges with ease

  • Decrease brain fog

  • Learn neutral communication with others

  • Overcome obstacles

  • Shift negative thought loops

  • Release stagnation and procrastination

  • Develop new approach to living

  • Align with purpose

  • Improved immune function

  • Expanded creative genius

  • Discover unconscious gifts

  • Feel more joy

  • Develop a mindfulness practice

  • Create deeper connections

  • Enhance your self worth

Online Workshop


  • 12 Principles integrated every 2-4 weeks.

  • Each session is 90 minutes.

  • Each group will have 4-5 members, plus facilitator.

  • Members will stay in their group for the duration of the program.

  • Each member will have 10 minutes to present their unique view in a short presentation.

  • Course materials and preparation sheets are provided prior to each session.

  • Key Insights on each member are sent after each session.

  • Practical applications and exercises are provided and build upon each session.

  • Calls will be conducted via Zoom conference software.

Group Seflie


“The Mastermind group created a shift within me and am grateful that it did so, I truly see the value in the work you are doing.” - S.U.


“I’m amazed at how such complex concepts can be simplified into easy to understand and easy to apply into daily life.I have learned so much from the program and it’s had an amazing impact on my personal life and business.” B.W.


“This program is exactly what I needed and exceeded my expectations! It was fulfilling to be with like-minded people and connect with them globally.” – P.M.


“The genius that went into this program is amazing. It totally changed my life!” – B.R.

Business People Applauding

Participants learn to maximize their own performance potential and collaborate with team members while building trust, boosting creativity and improving communication in order to master true potential and gain greater inter-perspective.

Smiling Businessman

Measured  Success

Our Programs are successful because of our unique design and development in three areas

Rediscovery - The course materials are extraordinary yet comprehensive and challenge one to think and feel beyond their current perception. Many people are ready to change and simply need a gentle nudge to dive into the unknown.


Deeper Understanding - Whether people admit it or not, we are ALL starving for deep connection and to feel understood. These confidential circles hold the space for acceptance and vulnerability to explore pieces of life that are normally hidden from others.


Implementation – The masks we wear and the false pretences we hide behind are removed consciously and deliberately. Those who take our program(s) have the courage to dismantle false identities and explore the real essence of whom they truly are.

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