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Self Mastery Program

A 12-month program designed to bridge ancient wisdom & modern science into the transformational journey of Self-Mastery

What's It All About?

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Program Details

This program is for ANYONE, entrepreneurs, leaders, teachers, students, parents, etc.

For people who want to dive deeper into self-discovery, reveal hidden gifts, uncover old programs, and ignite creative genius.

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12 Principles Of Self-Mastery

  • Curiosity

  • Oneness

  • Correspondence

  • Vibration

  • Sensation

  • Creative Thinking

  • Cause and Effect

  • Polarity

  • Rhythm

  • Balance

  • Gender

  • Rebirth

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What To Expect In A Session

  • 5 Participants per group

  • 90 Minute sessions

  • 1 Session per month 

  • 12 Months of sessions

  • Participation is required. Bring your most authentic self and complete the assignments

  • All sessions are recorded and emailed after the call

  • If you can't attend, you must email the group and watch the recorded session

  • Times and dates are decide upon with the participants ahead of time

  • Buy a journal, physical writing will be a part of the process

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What Do I Get From This Program?

  • Discover unconscious gifts

  • Disconnect from old identities

  • Quicken the process of transformational cycles

  • Enhance your manifestation magic

  • Feel amazing in vulnerability

  • Shift old mindsets on command

  • Enhance your self-worth

  • Tap into your unlimited source of abundance

  • Live in deep, constant joy

  • Develop a meditation practice that sticks

  • Tap into your creative genius 

  • Create deeper connections

  • Develop a mindfulness practice

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More Details

This course is for those who believe they are so close to attaining the greatest version of themselves and need a gentle nudge to catapult them to the next level of conscious living, where they will experience life with enthusiasm, deep joy, and profound fulfillment.  What is required is self commitment and engaged presence.  

The group meets once per month for 90 minutes via Zoom. The curriculum is broken up into 12 lessons. Each lesson focuses on one Hermetic principle infused with the latest neuroscience (non-technical), followed by questions to expand self-awareness and perspective.  


Each principle builds upon each other and often is perfectly poised to help transform current life challenges. The lessons require contemplation and there is an assignment to implement the principles into daily life during that month.  Assignments and insights are shared with the group, and each person shares their experience.

The group meets once per month for 90 minutes via Zoom. The curriculum is broken up into 12 lessons (12 month program).

Meet The Creator of the Program

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Created by Lisa M Brazelton

Lisa M. Brazelton is a writer, entrepreneur, healing practitioner and business executive. She is a leading contributor to the field of human potential and a facilitator of personal and organizational change. 


She has spent two decades researching and analyzing human behavior, understanding what lies behind human achievement, triumph and determination, and the unconscious programming of fear, procrastination and disappointment.

She has studied with some of the worlds leading doctors and researchers in human evolution, biogenetics and science. With over 28 years experience in personal development, thought leadership and global change, Lisa provides a keen perspective and practical guidance to unlocking our inner truth and manifesting our greatest gifts.


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